Ninja Craps – Want to beat craps?

After playing craps for 7 years and teaching successful students for about 4 years, I know how to win at craps consistently. I’ve even had investors invite me to shoot craps in their country – all expenses paid.

Recently I wrote a small book highlighting some of my betting strategies and it became a #1 Best Seller at Amazon:

Yep, read that again. The doctor told me I had all kinds of issues with my right arm. Most of them ending in itis’. Playing and practicing the same way each time caused me many problems. I had become so consistent in the way I tossed my dice, that shooting over and over messed up my arm. Hot rolls were impossible. I could only toss the dice about 2 times before I was in searing pain.

I was stuck. All the books and seminars that helped me improve my rolls taught methods that hurt me in the first place. What’s worse is they only teach one way of beating craps. (And the casinos recognize their method instantly)

I was starting from step 1 again, but this time in a worse place than before. I had the knowledge, but couldn’t do anything about it. Even brand new craps players were in a better position than I was.

If I retrained with my left arm, maybe I could win again.  Given the fact, I couldn’t even brush my teeth with my left hand – it would be a challenge.

After searching like crazy, I couldn’t find any new training that could help me win at craps again.

I even trained with a guy I saw on a T.V. reality show about Caesars. However, all these ‘systems’ failed when put to the test.

I ran their bet strategies through computer simulations. All I did was prove what I already knew – that betting alone could never beat the house.

I decided to train my left arm using the ‘perfect’ toss I already knew. I was like a new player all over again:

I loved craps too much to give it up…