Nite Hawk golfball predator (black)-perfect golf gift:”The golf gadget 2014″


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The NITE-HAWK ball predator is a new electronic golf tool that enables you to find large amounts of lost golf balls. It works in low light environments, either after or before your round of golf (from dusk till dawn) or during your round in woods & bushes. The NITE-HAWK emits specific short-wave light which makes normal golf balls illuminate in a miraculous way. On most courses are enourmous amounts of “invisible” lost balls hidden in the rough, grass and under leaves and the illumination makes them detectable, Even balls with only 1 % exposed surface can be identified. Finding many balls in short time is fun, its profitable and protects the environment. The NITE HAWK is a specially designed fun accessoire that definitively belongs into your bag. Finds up to 100 balls per hour. While lake balls lose their quality and length in play, lost balls keep their quality (no persistent exposure to water). For more info or demo video visit

  • NITE-HAWK ball predator (black)
  • golf fun gadget
  • golfball finder
  • LED ballfinder
  • use 3 x AAA batteries

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