Online Poker Dealer School – Dealer Training

Are you tired of the boring 9-5 grind? Do you want an effective way to make great money part time? We would like to introduce you to the fun, exciting very un-ordinary job of poker dealing.

My name is Jason Spry, and I’m the co-founder of the Atlanta Poker Club, a poker league playing for points and prizes around Atlanta that we started in 2004.

As luck had it, one of the very first players in the league was a professional casino poker dealer who dealt at the Bellagio in Las Vegas. The Bellagio is well known for the for having the best dealers in Vegas. is the fastest, least expensive and most effective way to learn how to deal poker at a professional level. Why pay the thousands of dollars it takes to go to a land based poker dealing school?

Packed full of videos, professional photo’s and comprehensive chapters covering in detail everything you need to know to deal poker as a professional. We designed the course to quickly you teach you the casino poker dealing standards, techniques and how to’s. Can I Really have $250 Cash in My Pocket after the Game is Over?

A professional poker dealer can average roughly 35 hands per hour depending on the game they are dealing. Limit games go faster while no-limit games generally take a little longer per hand on average.

Most dealers are paid via tips, usually from each hand dealtl. Dealing 35 hands per hour at $1 tip per hand then it is going to take roughly three hours to earn $100 dollars.

Bigger tips increase your earnings exponentially. Now we are talking sometimes up to $50, $60 or even $70 more per hour in your pocket.

In an average $1/2 game many dealers make over $250 of cold hard cash for an evenings worth of work.

Money in your pocket money, too. And you do not have to live near a casino to make this kind of money dealing poker!

One of the first challenges we…