Overcome Your Alcohol And Drug Addiction Challenges – Home Study Recovery Programme


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Overcome Your Alcohol And Drug Challenges Now and Get Into Healthy Recovery Through This Simple And Easy To Use Home Study Course (DVD & Workbook) 

The Team at Sober Services have the unique view that all their staff were previously Alcoholics and Addicts with significant dependencies. However, today they are free from all of their substance abuse problems, and are happy to help you overcome yours! 

They have recovered from what once seemed to be a hopeless situation with a revolving and never ending problem, and so can YOU! “We had to take action and we had to find out the truth about ourselves too – the hard way!” 

Sober Services in collaboration with The Addiction RoadShow have devised the world’s first Home Study Kit for substance dependency problems, because they have known for a long time that people with similar types of problems prefer to deal with them in the comfort, convenience and confidentiality of their own time and space. 

”We’ve researched heavily and after a great deal of collaborating with other experts in the field, we’ve designed the most effective and permanent method of non evasive treatment for people with full lives, families, work obligations and those who’d simply prefer to address this privately in the safety and security of their own home. 

We’ve spent a number of years designing and revising this home study kit to ensure that it works if you take it seriously and commit to following it through. 

”Try to keep an open mind on the subject and take the leap of faith required to make the right move.”

So, is it your time to get sober and drug free? 
Is it your time to draw a line in the sand and create a new and improved life for yourself? 
If the answer is YES, then order the Sober Services Home Study Kit – 7 Stages to Successfully Recover from your Substance Addiction in the comfort of your own home.

  • DVD
  • Workbook

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