Palio Legend Table Tennis Bat & Case


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The Palio Legend is the perfect bat for players that are looking to generate maximum power from their strokes. It’s a slightly heavier bat that will put huge amounts of speed and spin into your shots. It is recommended to advanced players that already have good feeling and control and are looking for a bat to make the most of their natural strengths The ITTF approved Palio Hadou rubbers have a harder sponge which is characteristic of high-level Chinese rubbers and suits an all-out attack style. The harder sponge makes it possible to generate huge amounts of spin and speed but does decrease the amount of control. Therefore the Palio Legend is recommended for advanced players. The all wood Palio Hadou blade is very well built. It features a flared handled that is very comfortable to hold and it works extremely well with the Hadou rubbers. It is made of a harder wood, again to maximise power, which turns the Palio Legend into a super fast combination. Speed = 10/10 Spin = 9/10 Control = 6/10

  • The perfect bat for those looking for maximum power and spin.
  • Custom made, with a specially selected combination of rubber and blade.
  • The Palio Hadou rubbers provide great speed and spin,and are ITTF approved.
  • The Palio Hadou blade gives players maximum power.

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