Play to Your Strengths: Stacking the Deck to Achieve Spectacular Results for Yourself and Others


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Paperback. Pub Date: December 2007 of Pages: 1 Publisher: Mcgraw-Hill About the Author: Andrea Sigetich is a prominent withleadership consultant and Master Certified Coach with business degrees from the University of Michigan and the University of Utah About the Author: Carol Leavitt. MBA. teaches at the University of Utah and the University of PhoenixContents: How to Use This Book 11Introduction 15A Poker Primer 171 Pat Hand: Playing the Cards You’re Dealt 192 Dealer’s Choice: Naming the Game You’ll Play 413 Discards: Knowing When to Hold ‘em or Fold’ em 674 Showdown: Playing for High Stakes 955 Ante Up: Building the Kitty 1196 Ace in the Hole: Uncovering Hidden Strengths 1497 Dolly Parton: Completing the 9-to-5 Straight 1858 Go All In: Committing the Full House 2239 Royal Flush: Playing Your Best Hand in the Most Important Game 247Notes 267Bibliography 271Index 277About th…