Poker for Beginners: Learn to Play Texas Hold’Em Like a Pro with Time-Tested Tips and Tricks (Mastering the Game)


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Are you captivated by the World Series of Poker on television?

Have you always wanted to sit at the poker table in your favorite casino, but you do not know how to play?

Do you need go gain confidence and learn how to put on a poker face?

Are you interested in mastering the game? This is the book for you.

The popularity of Texas Hold’Em poker has skyrocketed over the last few years as people discover the true amount of talent that goes into the game. Self-made millionaires from all over the globe exist solely because of their ability to play poker like pros.

If you want your shot at the final World Series of Poker table but you have never played a game of poker in your life, this book will give you every piece of information you need to be successful. You will find hacks, tips, and tricks that, along with some practice and dedication, will make you a better poker player.

Inside You Will Learn:

• The history of Texas Hold’Em poker

• Hand rankings; which hands beat others in poker

• How a game of Texas Hold’Em Poker progresses

• Basic poker terminology

• When to fold, when to check, and when to raise

• Hacks, tips and tricks for playing your best game

• How to put on a poker face

• How to read your opponents’ “tells”

• And Much More

Once you have learned the basics of Texas Hold’Em poker, all it takes is some practice when it comes to mastering the game. In fact, you may just become the shark that everyone wants to beat!