Poker for Beginners:Go from a Poker Novice to a Poker Pro!: Learn how to play and master the mental game of poker


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Your complete beginners guide to the game of poker

Learn how to consistently win games and beat out the competition

In poker, the winners take all the spoils and the losers go home with nothing. Whether you’re around the table with friends, in Vegas or looking to make some serious dough, you must first master the fundamentals of the game to be able to get good at it.

Poker for beginners: Go from a poker novice to a poker pro is guaranteed to show you how you can drastically improve your game and climb your way to the top.

Here’s a preview of what you will learn

  • A simple breakdown of the rules so you can play the game correctly (Huge money maker!)
  • Common poker terms and their meanings
  • The different types of poker games you can play and their pros and cons
  • Time-tested proven strategies that will make you money
  • The secret to psyching out your opponents successfully
  • Much much more

By reading this book you will

  • Be able to truly understand the fundamentals of poker
  • Know which game and strategies you can use to make the most money
  • know how to use the mental aspect of poker to your advantage
  • Be able to consistently beat your friends or more serious competition

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