Poker Fundamentals: Essential Topics For All Players


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Book Overview

Whether you have been playing poker for two weeks or twenty years, this book is for you. This book is designed to help solidify key, essential concepts that benefit all poker players regardless of the poker game that they play.

The goal of this poker book is to provide you as a student of the game and a poker player with essential fundamental concepts that will help you improve your poker game. The topics discussed in this book are overarching concepts that apply to all variants of poker, whether you are playing No Limit Texas Holdem, Pot Limit Omaha, Razz, Seven Card Stud, or any other variant of poker.

In this book, I will not be talking about specific in-game strategies for specific variants of poker; instead I will be discussing important topics that apply to all games of poker that are essential to becoming and staying a long-term, winning poker player. These concepts will aid you in understanding key aspects to the game that are often neglected by many poker players. Most importantly, the concepts discussed in this poker course will help ensure you long term success at the poker tables

First you’ll learn about the current landscape of online poker, as well as the differences between live and online poker. Then you’ll learn about understanding variance and strategies for combating tilt. Afterwards, I will introduce you to the concept of effective bankroll management, multi-tabling and win rates to ensure you minimize your chance of going broke. Lastly, I will introduce you to the concept of becoming a student of the game of poker and the many available resources available to you as a poker player.

By the end of this poker book, you will have learned several key poker concepts that will help you to become a winning poker player.

About The Author

Alton Hardin is the founder of, a free micro stakes poker website that is dedicated to helping micro stakes poker players improve their poker game by offering a wide array of free and low-cost resources including poker courses, poker training video series, poker strategy articles, and a micro stakes poker community forum.

Alton has been playing poker on and off for the last decade both live and online. His experience includes both no limit and limit Texas Hold’em, including cash games and tournaments. Currently he plays low stakes no limit and limit Texas Hold’em live and micro stakes online cash games.

Outside of poker he is a full-time business and IT professional with an MBA and Master of Science in IT network management. He is also a part-time educator, creating and teaching online courses on as well as being an adjunct professor at a local state university in the past.

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