Poker Strategies for a Winning Edge in Business


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In this book, experienced poker player, tournament champion, attorney, and businessman David Apostolico takes core poker philosophies and applies them to various business situations. Readers learn how to develop a poker mindset to help them in all aspects of their business lives. Apostolico, who has matched wits with the world’s top professionals on the invitation only Professional Poker Tour and negotiated mergers and acquisitions on Wall Street, says there are no hard and fast rules to either poker or business success, yet the skills involved in both are extremely similar. Reading the opposition, adapting to changing circumstances, being innovative, and thinking like a winner are necessary to making a living on the felt or in the board room.

Whether you are negotiating a deal, managing your finances, marketing products, running a business, or trying to climb the corporate ladder, a solid poker strategy can prove invaluable. Before you make a move in any of these areas, you should read this insightful book to learn how to play your hand for maximum strength.

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