Poker Strategy Secrets: Learn The Basics, Rules And Tells That Will Spike Up Your Wins


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Ever wonder how do they know that they are going to win? Can he read the mind of the opponents? Does he already know what cards are going to come out?

These are the type of questions that we ask ourselves when we see poker players in action. I can tell you now that they don’t have any special powers, and that they are people just like you, and you can start to learn how to play poker right now.

To be able to win in poker there are a lot of factors that must be accounted, like: type of table, number of opponents, the cards on our hands, the bets made, the cards that come out and so on. So when you are playing poker you are not only playing with your cards, you are playing with everything.

In this book you will learn how to identify the best time to make a bet and win, and when to fold and keep your chips. Here we will teach you the secrets that the top poker players use to win and become the next sensational poker player. These secrets include some tactics, tells and tricks that can used by anyone that likes playing poker. In this book you will find out that every player has a poker strategy, but the key is to know what is the best poker strategy to use.

In this book the topics that will be cover are:
- Poker rules
- Hand rankings
- Type of players
- Type of hands
- Type of bets
- Important factors

Every poker strategy, tip, tells, techniques and secrets can be applied to any type of poker game, such as:

- Texas Hold ‘Em
- Omaha
- 7-Card Stud
- 5-Card Draw
- High / Low Chicago
- Follow the Queen
- …

In every chapter, you will learn how to play poker like you never thought it was possible. All the secrets will be exposed and you will see that it is so easy to learn that you can start implementing these tips and tricks in your next poker game.

Don’t lose any more money in poker, apply the best poker strategy, use the best tricks and tells, control the game and start playing like a real pro and go home with a lot more cash.

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