Poker Tournaments (Essential Poker Guides Book 1)


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A straightforward and practical guide for playing in poker tournaments. This original book provides a concise and clear framework that will rapidly improve your performance in poker tournaments. Not a textbook, no complicated maths, just valuable advice and guidance to be used next time you play.

Explained and illustrated in a clear and enjoyable style, this unusual guide could turn out to be your best poker investment yet.

The authors are both experienced presenters and trainers, who have regularly cashed in a wide range of tournaments in Europe and America.

PLEASE NOTE this book was originally designed in colour, and as a pocket sized flipper. When viewed on a Kindle, a tablet or a phone some illustrations may appear on a separate page from the text which follows them. This can usually be resolved by adjusting the font size on your device. We recommend purchasing both the printed and digital versions of this book to obtain maximum value from the advice and guidance it contains.

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