PopUp Domination – The World’s Leading Lightbox Opt-in Software

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“PopUp Domination is a plugin that I installed to my website that had a drastic effect on my conversions. My opt ins increased significantly overnight. We all know that one of the most important aspects of internet marketing is building a list. PopUp domination takes that concept and builds on it to make it a much faster process.

I installed PopUp Domination on my website, and my conversions increased by 568%. If you are an internet marketer in ANY way, I HIGHLY recommend PopUp Domination, because it’s probably the product that will make the biggest difference in your conversions.”

PopUp Domination comes as both WordPress and as a Standalone version, meaning you can install it on a variety of platforms.

This takes about five minutes, and you can change everything from the color and header, to the image and call-to-action.

As soon as you activate the popup, you can start collecting new email subscribers straight away. All this in 5 minutes!

“I really love that I can easily preview what I have created through Popup Domination Plugin. The ease of getting to see what I have done makes me know if it is already good to go or if I should still make changes.

Without a doubt, you should give Popup Domination Plugin a chance to work on your website so you can realize how easy it is to create beautiful pop-ups that really deliver consistent results.”

PopUp Domination comes with 37 different high-converting PopUp themes. Each design has been tested to maximize conversion rates.

Our popups are available in 16 million colors so that you can always find one to match your theme, which keep it from appearing spammy.

You can customise your popup’s header text while still keeping the professionally designed template, for the best conversions possible.

Some of the popup themes allow you to add a paragraph…