Postflop Vol 2: The Edge You Need in No Limit Hold’em Poker


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BEN’S INSIGHTS ARE BASED ON FACTS AND FIGURES, NOT JUST GUT FEEL. THIS IS A MUST READ. This is a ground-breaking poker book devoted to the subject of postflop play. Ben’s simple and easy to follow writing style, along with over 100 sample hands, ensures that this book will appeal to both intermediate and advanced players.

Ben delves deep into the complex universe that is postflop poker and offers up practical and useful insights, backed up by hard data, that can be taken by anyone and applied at the tables.

This book is guaranteed to improve your game, change the way you think about hands and increase your confidence in your postflop decision making. Volume II looks at the many situations that arise with no pocket pair. Ben examines every hand from a straight flush to ace high, with real world examples played in and out of position.Volume II also covers topics such as drawing, bluffing, floating, double barrels and how to use HUD data for postflop analysis.

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