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Welcome to Tams Racing Tips. Here at Tams Racing Tips you will get between 1 and 4 horses a day. I spend 4 to 5 hours per day looking at the horses to be selected. I dont just pick them for the sake of it as its yours and my money going on the horse. If you stick to the points i advise, we will all make money. I’m not saying im going to win every month but i do aim to make average 30 pts per month. If you are looking for a honest service that gives more than his fair share of winners then give me a try.

When you click READY TO GET STARTED? JOIN NOW! below you will be taken to the payment page to set up your subscription. Our services are strictly limited as to ensure the integrity of and value of the information. If the “Join Now” button is deactivated, email us, and we will contact you when a place is available.