Pro Poker Strategy: The Top Skills (Winning Texas Hold ‘Em Book 1)


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What skills do all top professional players have? In this concise text, edited to give you the most improvement in the quickest amount of time, best-selling poker author Collin Moshman and pro poker player Katie “hotjenny314” Dozier identify and explain each of these crucial skills held by the top pros.

For late beginner and intermediate players, learning and practicing these vital skills will prove instrumental to increasing your winnings. For experienced players, further mastery of the more advanced concepts will be key to maintaining your edge in today’s quickly-evolving games.

For the limited-time price of .50, this text will have you immediately improve in these essential areas:

Pot Odds and Winning Percentages for Optimal Decision-Making
The Key Concept: Expected Value
Mastering Equity
Playing Optimally against Ranges
Tracking Software
Targeting the Donators
The Miracle of Table Selection
Counting Hand Combos
Aggressive Semi-Bluffing
Value Betting
The Fundamental Betting Rule
Optimal Short-Stacked Strategy
Manipulating the Pot Size
Exploitive Play
Avoiding Tilt

Length: 11,200 Words (About 45 Book Pages)

About the Authors

Collin Moshman

Collin is a professional poker player and the author of best-selling poker strategy books, including: Sit ‘n Go Strategy, Heads-Up No-Limit Hold ‘Em, and The Math of Hold ‘Em. Recently he released The Superuser, a poker thriller/mystery based on a real scandal, which he co-wrote with his wife Katie.

Collin graduated from the California Institute of Technology in 2003 with an honors degree in theoretical mathematics. He produces poker training videos for PokerStrategy and Cardrunners. He heads Team Moshman, one of the most renowned teams of staked and coached players worldwide.

Katie Dozier

Katie started playing poker in home games during college at Florida State University, where she majored in creative writing. After college, she went to culinary school while continuing to hone her poker skills with the help of her husband, and began playing poker online for a living in 2008.

Katie’s won the 2011 Woman Poker Player Magazine Maven Award. She makes poker training videos for DragTheBar, has edited many best-selling poker books, and is on numerous Sharkscope leaderboards.

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