Profitable Horse Racing Betting Systems & Methods – UK Flat 2015 – Volume 1: Transform your betting and start building your bankroll


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The purpose of this series of books is to arm the reader with proven and profitable methods of selecting UK flat horses to back, how to bet on them and, in this introductory volume, to give readers an insight in to how profitable systems are built.

This book is the 1st volume in a planned regular series and is purposely priced very low in order to give punters of all means and betting banks a taste of our approach and at least one method of betting profitably, which should repay the cost of the book many times over.

This Volume 1 explains one very profitable system and how to find selections very quickly from any racing web-site or daily British newspaper. The system has generated significant profits over the last 5 years with profit figures of 58.4% of level stakes at SP and 74.4% at Betfair SP. A £1,000 starting bank and stakes of just 5% of the betting bank on each selection would have grown to a sum of £33,918 after 5 years, if betting at SP.