Red Dragon Hell Fire D: 26 Gram Tungsten Steel Darts with Flights, Shafts, Wallet & Red Dragon Checkout Card


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The Hellfire range is devilishly hot, and mass produced to give an ice cool price for massive value. These red hot darts will put a fire in your game. Made in a broad range of weights the Hellfire range can match a dart to your own particular throwing style. The range starts at a weight of 20g and continues through to 28g. Although highly affordable, Hellfire darts are still made fom our top quality with 80 per cent Tungsten with 2BA threads.

  • 26 grams, 80% Tungsten.
  • Includes two-tone wallet.
  • Includes shafts and flights.
  • The Hellfire range is devilishly hot.