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This shows the profit over 170 bets in one month from a real racing tips service. The PINK line shows what happened to the original starting bank of £1,000. These bets used a 20 point bank (that is to say 1/20 of the total bank was staked on each bet – i.e. £50 per bet).

At first there was a good profit of up to £360 – but then a losing streak set in and the bank dwindled down to just £700. By the end of the month it had recovered to almost exactly where it started a month earlier.

The final result is a profit of £532 or 53% gain (tax free in the UK and some other countries) in just four weeks. Where else could you find an investment on the stock market or anywhere else that pays like that?

You can see that whilst the standard bets, with level stakes, were largely a waste of time the Safebet average profit trend continued to grow steadily throughout the month.

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