Secrets of Professional Tournament Poker: v. 2 (D&B Poker)


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Jonathan Little is a highly successful poker professional who has won over million in tournament play. His first book “Secrets of Professional Tournament Poker, Volume 1″ dealt with the fundamentals of play. In this second book he builds on this base by examining the highly complex issue of how to handle the different stages of a tournament. As well as outlining a techinically accurate style of play, Jonathan also discusses a number of other topics that are crucial to success at poker. These include: How to spot tells (and avoid giving them) Correct etiquette Practical tips for tournament play Managing life as a professional poker player throws up a number of issues in itself and Jonathan calls upon his many years as a pro to address these. They include: Developing your poker skills Mental & physical approaches required for successful play. As well as being one of the world’s best players, Jonathan has been a highly respected coach for many years.In the final section of the book he draws on his experience here to answer the most common FAQ’s asked by students and also offers an in-depth analysis of 30 hands from tournament play which outline many of the concepts discussed in the book.

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