Secrets The Pros Won’t Tell You About Winning Hold’em Poker


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It takes a special book to take a player to the next level, and this is that book. –Amy Calistri, Poker School Online

While other highly touted books on hold’em poker offer enough tips to turn a committed beginner into a moderately successful player, none offers the strategies needed to turn an experienced player into a consistent winner–until now. This guide even goes one step further by exposing exactly what the pros don’t want you to know. “My only worry is that they have given away too much information.” –Matt Lessinger, author of The Book of Bluffs

Revealed within these pages are the actual techniques–equally effective for virtually all poker games–that professional gamblers use to win consistently. You’ll find out how to quickly recognize and capitalize on betting patterns, how to develop a table image that pays big dividends, advanced bank management techniques, and why the cards you hold are often less important than the way you play them, plus:

   • Why folding more can lead to winning more

   • How betting limits dramatically impact the way you should play your hands

   • Why women have an innate edge

   • Telltale signs to look for when choosing a casino table

   • Why it’s smarter to be the one who bets and not the sucker who calls

“Easy to understand, helpful, and fun to read.” –Dave Scharf, author of Winning at Poker Take that next step–armed with the secrets of the pros!

A popular columnist for several magazines, including Bluff and Fifth Street, the newspaper The Nevada Sunday, as well as the author of seven top-selling books on poker, Lou Krieger is one of gaming’s biggest names. In 2000, he was dubbed “one of the most influential gaming writers of the past hundred years” by Casino Journal–an honor bestowed on only four others worldwide.

Sheree Bykofsky has been the winner or first runner-up in hundreds of poker tournaments, both in casinos and online, and won a seat as a participant in the 2004 World Series of Poker. She is also a literary agent and the author of more than twenty books, as well as countless articles on a variety of subjects, which have appeared in major magazines and newspapers.

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