Six Figure Betting

Are you a struggling punter? Are you placing bets that never seem to win? Are you losing money every time you visit your bookies or log into your online account?

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The PDF systems have huge flaws in, their maths equations are limited and their formulas just don’t work.

The tips usually never win and the softwares have so many bugs in you’re lucky if you even get it to work.

Like I said I don’t actually need anybody’s systems or tips but being a professional gambler myself I’m always intrigued to see what’s out there and what are other professional gamblers doing.

I am always looking to see whether people are doing anything better than me. And the answer to that question is no.

I literally don’t have another job. I gamble full time all the time. It’s my only source of income.

Sometimes I can’t be bothered, sometimes I don’t want to be a slave to my computer for hours on end. But it’s the only thing I’m good at and it’s certainly better than working for somebody else.

He taught me everything I needed to know about sports betting, how to spot trends in form, how to analyze spreads, how to calculate odds, how to work out arbitrage even how to spot a weakness in the jockeys eyes before a race.

Every detail is valuable and when you can spot these details you can make them pay. Now I do these types of things without even realizing I’m doing it.

The only thing is it still takes me a considerable amount of time to rattle through hundreds of…