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Hello, my name is Chad Smith and I created the “Breakthrough System” back in January of 2008. I always enjoyed betting on sports but never had true luck picking winners even though I have followed sports for over 20 years. The one thing that I have compared to any other handicapper in the market today is undeniable proof from sports bettors just like you. Simply click on “video testimonials” link above to see what others just like you have to say about the best sports betting system ever created

Putting my knowledge in math, statistics and computers to the test I thought to myself one night why don’t I try to create a sports betting system that took years and years of statistics of sports games, numbers, final scores, filters and many other factors and create a betting system that could produce winning results.

The results when I back tested it were phenomenal I literally didn’t sleep for days!!! Within three months after creating this system I quit my day job for good and now make a living just betting on sports. I have been so blessed by this system and have now decided for the first time to make this money making surefire betting system available to the general public.

I already know that if I wanted to I could easily market this system for thousands of dollars based on the history of success this system has proven and it would still be a bargain. You can easily make a true living and quit your day job or just have that extra income on the side with my sports betting system. I am really not here to take people to the bank. I have already been blessed financially beyond my wildest dreams with this system.

My goal is to provide the best sports betting system ever created. I guarantee you that you cannot find a better sports betting system that will…