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Total Units Won To Date: *240.5 units This Means If You Bet $100 On Every Pick I’ve Ever Released Your Current Profit Would Be $24,050. *Updated 5/28/14

Hi I’m Rich Allen the Sports Betting Professor and I was once right where you are now: dreaming of becoming a successful sports bettor. I did all my homework and I knew as much about every team, statistic and injury report that a person could possibly hope to learn but at the end of the season… I’d still lose money!

That’s when I realized that to become a successful sports bettor, you need an edge to win. So I assembled a team of statisticians to help me out and crack the winning code. My team and I tore apart HUNDREDS of seasons of data, across multiple sports, and we found clear patterns that will allow you to win year after year.  While the data we came up with was relatively simple, it was amazing. There were some commonalities, and if you had the discipline to stick to what the numbers showed, you would win. With this research I created my winning sports betting systems, like my popular NFL betting system.

I guarantee you will make a profit betting on sports this year if you follow MY sports betting systems and sports picks. Since I’ve been in the business I’ve never failed to make a profit in any given year for my clients.

And do you want to know the best part? You don’t have to do any work. Just use my betting systems for the NFL, MLB, NBA or other sports and I’ll send you the sports picks via email every day. You just open the email, see what the plays are for that day and make your bets.