Swimming pool noodle swimming aid Free Swim Star with Every noodle


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Swim Noodle, Water Noodle, Pool Noodle & Water Woggle are just some of the names people call these floats. Free swim start with all noodles. Used by swim teachers worldwide due to their versatility and the number of unlimited ways in which they can be used. Great for learning to swim and building confidence in the water or for rehabilitation of injurys. Available in four colours: Red Green Yellow & Blue Monkey noodles flexible, fun, foam water toy and exercise float that has unlimited uses. Water Noodles can be used for floating, splashing, making waves, exercising, or riding like a seahorse. Available in four different colours Red, Blue, Green & Yellow. They have a diameter of 65mm x 1.5 meters long. As with all our products we offer FREE UK DELIVERY. We fold the noodles into a bow for shipping purposes but they will spring back to shape and can be shaped for which ever swim activity you prefer.

  • Premium swimming pool noodle
  • FREE swim star with every noodle
  • 150cm long 6.5cm diameter
  • Versatile flexible swimming aid
  • Available in four colours