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We generated 458 points over the last 9 months. that’s £4,580 for a conservative £10 pounds per point, and £45,800 for £100 pounds per point!

My name is Shane and I live in Australia. I am an avid punter and use a number of services, both in Australia and the UK. In August last year I came across System Lays, a UK-based company offering a number of selection services. I joined in late August, started betting in September and have been using the service ever since.

The 3 parts of the service I use are Phantom Lays, Laytastic and Super Tips Max. Phantom Lays is currently up 24 points after just 10 days of July. June was 53 pts in profit and since September 2013, I am up a total of 143 points, having missed quite a number of profitable days in that time due to my own movements, not being here at the time selections come through and that type of thing.

Super Tips Max is a win only betting service that bets at Level Stakes on each selection. I am up over 135 pts since September 2013 with this service.

Laytastic is another Lay betting service and is up around 117 pts since September 2013. You bet level stakes to a maximum odds range. It is another one that can be automated using The Bet Engine.

I would have no hesitation recommending System Lays to anyone looking for a quality service that includes win, each way and lay betting. The cost is so ludicrously cheap when compared to other single services available on the web. The new website is very easy to navigate and the customer service is very prompt to reply if there is some assistance required.

I thought you might be pleased and interested to hear that due to Super Tips Max - Stan James have closed my account with them.

I use a number of bookmakers to back Super Tips Max and last Saturday I backed all 19 to win with Stan James. The result was a profit of 6 points and an…