Gymnastic jumps are a series of poles and obstacles set at certain distances to allow horses and riders to develop their ability and form over...

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Are you a fan of horse racing? Do the origins of this action-packed sport intrigue you? Would you like to find out more about the horses, riders...

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Horses 101: The Complete Guide to Buying & Caring for Your Horse walks you through the process of choosing the best horse and breed for you. From...

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Many horse trainers, even those who claim to follow the so-called natural horsemanship approach, take the position that horses that fail to obey a...

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Do you wish your horseback riding lessons could come with a user manual? Do you feel that you could serve your horses better as a rider if you only...

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Training of a horse is a gradual process of getting your horse’s attention and teaching him what you want him to do. You want the horse to think...

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Sam J. Butterbiggins' only ambition is to be a Very Noble Knight, but he has a problem - he's been packed off to the castle next door to stay with...

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Tilly Redbrow doesn't just love horses - she lives, breathes and dreams them too!Tilly is elated that she and her beloved horse, Magic Spirit, have...

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Brother Mendel's Perfect Horse Explores the history of Lipizzaners, a troop of pedigree horses bred as personal mounts for the Emperor of...

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Paperback. Pub Date: February. 2005 Pages: 208 Publisher: John Wiley True Horsemanship TRAINING is about People first.-Charles Wilhelm Charles...

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Reprint, Very good clean...

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[ Horse Breeding Recollections Lehndorff, G. ( Author ) ] { Paperback }...

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