Seit vielen Jahren wird weltweit darüber diskutiert, ob es sich bei Poker um ein Glücks- oder Geschicklichkeitsspiel handelt.Wenngleich sich die...

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Luckology – the belief in the ability to successfully attract Good Luck, and turn Bad Luck into Good Luck over and over again.

As the author of these books, I have been fascinated with Luck and Lotteries for a long time, and I have played and even ran various lottery groups/pools/syndicates on and off for over 27 years. I have had over 500 lottery wins by myself and as a lottery group. I have been featured in newspapers, on radio, and on TV news because of numerous lottery wins, a $775,000 TAX FREE dream home package, and Lottery Charm® products on which I hold various trademarks.