Tennis Ball Dryer – 4-in-1 Tennis Accessory – Voted ‘Best Tennis Gadget’ – Includes 4 Great Features in 1. The perfect Tennis Gift for any player.


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Tennis Ball Dryer. The 4-in-1 Tennis Accessory.

Awarded ‘Best Tennis Gadget of the Year’ by ACE Tennis Magazine.

Tennis Ball Dryer is a great tennis accessory for any tennis player and also makes a great tennis gift for Birthdays and Christmas

Tennis Ball Dryer has the following 4 great benefits;

1. Dries wet tennis balls after playing outside, using a clever Patent Granted three layer drying system. Saving money on new balls by retaining bounce ability

2. Net measure guide integrated into the handle to check tennis net height is correct

3. Easy Carry and Store. A convenient shoulder strap for easy carry and ability to store four tennis balls.

4. Keeps Drinks Bottles Cool

Tennis balls often get wet during play outside and we normally then place these wet balls back in their tins until our next game. The wet balls remain soaked and heavy whilst stored in their tin and so lose their bounce. Remaining wet and useless we have to throw them away.

By using a Tennis Ball Dryer with its
Patent Granted 3 layer drying system to simply extract the moisture from the tennis ball fibres quickly, you can retain a balls bounce performance.


‘Best Tennis Gadget of the Year’ ACE Tennis Magazine

‘Fab Five Gear Guide’ Tennis Head Magazine

Featured: BBC Evening News

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  • Awarded ‘Best Tennis Gadget of the Year’ by ACE Tennis Magazine. Tennis Ball Dryer, the 4-in-1 Accessory for Tennis Players.
  • 1. Dries tennis balls after play to give longer ball bounce life.
  • 2. Net measure integrated into the handle.
  • 3. Easy Carry shoulder strap for tennis balls (holds 4 loose balls or in Tin, you choose)
  • 4. Keeps drinks cool. Pays for itself in 2-3 uses with wet balls.