Texas Hold’em Pro Poker Course


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Learn to play like the pros. This course is designed to teach you how to play and improve your limit and no-limit Texas Hold’em poker game. Included in this course are guidelines, strategies and techniques to help you win more and lose less. Also included is a complimentary copy of Robert’s Rules of Poker, to help teach proper poker rules, exercises to help improve your board reading ability, questions and answers to improve your over all game. We also include a list of major US casinos with card rooms so you know where to play. If you have ever lost or 0 in a poker session this is well worth a few dollars. Win More! Lose Less! Information is everything in Texas Hold’em. This course will give you the information to be a winning poker player. Learn to read the other players, learn to read the board, learn the rules, learn solid poker play. This course will help with all of these aspects of poker play. The more information you have the more you will win and the less you will lose.

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