The Baccarat Insider

The online casinos, of course. Or to be a bit more precise, those fat cats who are taking advantage of your favorite game by changing the rules.

Baccarat is a simple game, both operationally and strategically. It’s a game for both high rollers and casual players alike and as you may know, in a single night, a player or a group of them may double the value of a casino or push the owner into chapter 13 bankruptcy protection.

The problem is that the corporations know this and because they are not willing to stake their existence on chance, like it should be, they’ve added a bias, a favorable chance to the house in the game of online Baccarat so you, in the long term, always lose.

You’ve seen how in the long term, the house always wins. You’ve seen that the key to winning is to know when to pull out, when to drop the game or you risk losing all your money.

This is not fair and we, the people at the Baccarat insider decided to do something about it. And if you’re going to read this until the very end, I’m going to show you an existing, active, loophole in one of the biggests online casinos. If you are going to use this hole to your advantage, it’s impossible not to gain a true edge over the house …

My name is Richard and I’ve been a Baccarat player for 22 years now. Ever since I’ve seen James Bond in Casino Royale (the 60s version, not the one with Daniel Craig), I’ve been drawn into the game.

In my lifetime, I’ve played Baccarat all over the world. I’ve had five and six figure stakes in separate, high profile rooms surrounded by bodyguards in Vegas, I’ve played Baccarat with celebrities in Monte Carlo and I’ve made a nice living out of it, allowing me to never work a single day in my life.

Precisely eight years, four months and twelve days ago my baby girl…