The Bluff – Poker Strategies for Texas Hold’em Tournament including Online Poker


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Whether you are a shark or a small fish gets decided how strong you portray yourself on the table. You may be a shark at the beginning, but if you go on a tilt during the later stage of the tournament, then you become nothing but a small fish. Remember shark always has to move otherwise it will die. A shark always has to force itself to be a shark because anytime it stops, it becomes the food for the other shark. So, be careful before calling yourself a shark.

To complete your sharkness you must compete with other sharks and stay ready at all times because anytime a shark will become food for the rest of the sharks, and it’s your chance to eat it!

All poker books will talk about playing the premium hands, playing your best, and why betting or raising is better than calling. I know these are all the right recommendations and I have respect for all those books and especially the poker pros around the world who share their experiences in those books.

‘Decision making’ is the key, whether it’s on the table or off the table to your real life. Your entire life is a poker game and poker face is a common strategy as you go. You may change your jobs and places, life events happen to you as if you are moving from table to table, low stake to high stake. You are playing poker your entire life! This world is a big poker tournament. When you have high stack, people will respect you. If you are low on your stack, people will go all in on you regardless of what you have. If you are solid and stick to your rule, you may survive. But again holding the best hand doesn’t always get you the winning pot. So, luck may influence your game sometimes. However, if you bring discipline to your game, you will always do better than the most. That’s why we define and refine our strategies for the last man standing.

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