The Coming Stock Market Crash of 2015-2016: How to Profit from these Amazing Bible Predictions


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The greatest influence on the stock market is news. The chartist’s and trader’s greatest goal is timing.

Incredibly, a most unlikely source – the Bible – provides both the news through current events that coincide with Bible prophecy, and the timing that each trader so eagerly desires as additional advantage. It is as incredible as the Bible Code that forecast events 3000 years in advance, and yet the clockwork timing by the calendar cannot be easily ignored when using the parameters and indicators that this book presents.

What connection is there between man and the earth? And why should that matter in stock trading?

By understanding the underlying principle, one can grasp the connection between the fact that more wealth has been generated from real estate than any source, and the connection between that fact and the earth-man connection that God ordained. This in turn translates to a stock market indicator. Can it be that in addition to blessing man through the earth as promised in the Old Testament, God also pronounces a curse through the earth if man by his acts and decisions trigger a judgment? The author traces the unmistakable evidence that this is the case and gives ample examples to illustrate the point.

Extending from this principle is the violation on a large scale of the main reason and purpose for establishing the man-earth connection: the results are cataclysmic and are traceable throughout history. Thus, the exact timing translated to our calendar dates for the burning of Jerusalem, the Crusades, the Spanish Inquisition, the World Wars, the Holocaust, the 9-11 Twin Towers collapse and all the stock market crashes in recent history serve to alert us that we cannot ignore what 2015 represents, what is likely to happen, and how one might even profit by it. The provable statistic is this – more wealth has been amassed and more millionaires made during stock market crashes. That was true in the Depression and that has been true through the recent stock market crashes.

Finally, add the unexpected substantiation from an unexpected source – the sun and moon. This is not grasping for straws in building a case for timing. It is actually predicted in the Bible but was not fully understood until fairly recently. It is identified in the very first chapter in the Bible as the sun’s and moon’s mission statement. It remained for us to realize that the word translated “seasons” (in the passage “for signs and seasons”) really means “appointed times.” If the heavenly orbs were also designed to underscore and emphasize times appointed to us that have turned out to be world-wide tragedies, then it is time to study their message. And reaching back 500 years, we find that they indeed unfailingly signaled in their role as heavenly sources of light the events that, in retrospect, could have served as stock market indicators to trigger major shifts that one could have profited by.

So when is this next signal scheduled? In the fall of 2015!

That is the message of this book.

There are several color illustrations, scripture references and historical evidence to back up the book’s title – that a stock market crash is inevitable in this trading season 2015-2016 paralleling the same season for a NASA-backed astronomical timetable the book deals with. We are already in its midst.

And the book’s premise is that the profit opportunities are ahead of us. Includes the author’s trades.

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