The Complete Breakout Trader: Day Trading Strategies that Work


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Do You Need a Consistent and a Profitable Trading Method?

A trader really needs only one setup, one strategy, to be successful. The setup you choose is absolutely crucial to your success. Some setups do not occur frequently enough, or are too tough to trade psychologically. Others are not universal enough, and work only occasionally on some instruments. And still others do not give you enough profits for the risk taken, or are too complex to execute under live market conditions.

Breakout Trading is a simple and comprehensive trading method that you can use in all markets, with potential profits far outweighing the risks. It was used by such giants as Jesse Livermore, Nicolas Darvas, Richard Dennis and the Turtles, Linda Raschke, and many others.

How This Book Can Help You

The Complete Breakout Trader will teach you:

- The Essentials of Breakout Trading based on Price Action

- Understanding of Market Modalities

- Where to Enter and Exit your Position

- The Art of Catching Monsters (large profits)

- How to Improve your Trade Success Rate

- Pitfalls to Avoid in Breakout Trading

- Additional Tips for Continued Trading Success

…and much more.

Consistent, and profitable.

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