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September 2014 Only found this site by accident, don’t know why it’s not more highly promoted. But I guess then the odds would change drastically. Emailed the owners and always got a speedy reply and help. They are quite happy to sell to fewer customers apparently. But I wanted to give them a glowing reference. Bought the system a couple of months ago and it’s worked a treat since then. Here’s to the continued success! Cheers guys. Richard Crossdale, UK

September 2014 Bought the system like others have said with a bit of trepidation. But it’s proved excellent. There are days when the horses refuse to do what they want but I have always got my money back and then returned to profit. Good system. Thanks for all the help. G. Brown, UK

May 2014 Hi Guys, Got this FFF Plan back in March 2013, bit sceptical, not surprising the amount of bum systems on the market. But it proved solid. Doing it for Aussie racing as well as UK stuff. Glad to say this one works. Also emailed Dennis and Hazel couple of times and always got a reply with help. Keep up the good work and thanks. W. Cobbet, Australia

December 2013 Hi Hazel and Dennis, I did write about this system a couple of months ago, but just wanted to thank you once again, profusely. What an amazing month we had in November, just winner after winner. And this with foul weather and most systems going belly up. So thanks again guys for a truly working, honest and very profitable system. Got my money for Christmas now! J. Barber, Yorkshire, UK

September 2012 Bought this system mid-August and my first day it lost! So I thought here we go again another duff system but Dennis and Hazel have a good rep in the industry, thought I would stick at it. What a piece of luck, it’s been an amazing ride right through September. Of course I’d rather not spread the good news too far but yes, I think credit where it’s due I would like to…