The Honest Guide to Stock Trading: Make Market-Beating Returns. Achieve Long-Term Wealth.


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Are you tired of trading books that are nothing more than a sales pitch?

”The Honest Guide to Stock Trading” shares the exact trading strategy rules and money management systems that have a proven track-record of making market-beating returns.

This book is not about day-trading, it is not the ‘holy grail’ and it’s not going to make you a millionaire overnight.

But if you follow the author’s exact rules and trading psychology tips, you’ll learn how to manage your trading account like a true professional.

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• How to successfully trade stocks, forex, ETFs, commodities and bonds.

• How to calculate your position size for each trade.

• When to enter and exit positions.

• Where to put your stop-losses and profit targets.

• How to cut your losing trades quickly and let your winning trades run.

• How to find the most promising markets to trade in less than 20 minutes each evening.

• How to combine fundamental and technical analysis to find the strongest stocks from the strongest industries.

• How to find penny stocks that could make triple-digit returns, without day-trading or taking unnecessary risks.

• How to define bull markets and bear markets using simple tools.

• How to use correlation analysis to improve your diversification and profits, while simultaneously reducing your risk.

• How to overcome the psychological barriers that prevent the majority of traders from ever making a dime.

• And much more.

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