The Role of the Facilitator in Equine Assisted Learning: Working with horses and people in therapy, education and training. (Equine Assisted Learning Activities Book 1)


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EAQ Founder, Tricia Day explores the complex roles and responsibilities of an equine assisted learning facilitator and the level of skill that is needed to plan and deliver sessions where horses are involved in education, training or therapy.

Tricia wrote the first independently accredited qualifications for facilitators and in this book she shares her ideas and expertise in a way that will be of interest to experienced and trainee facilitators alike, as well as anyone working in other capacities with horses and people, such as developing rider confidence.

Tricia said “An equine assisted learning facilitator is someone who makes it possible for an interaction to occur between the learners and the horses with minimal interference. A facilitator does not take sides, instruct or provide solutions to problems. They assume a neutral position which is an enabling role not an instructional one.”

It is not easy being an equine assisted learning facilitator and this book will make you think about your own facilitation skills, the way you communicate, ask questions, offer help and manage your herd of horses.