The Secrets of Trading The First Pullback: A Price Action Guide For Understanding Market Pullback That Works


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The fact that you are here now, it means that you are looking for a better way to trade the market. Whether you are already trading the market or are planning to do so, it’s clear that you are searching for a good book that can help you achieve success easily and make trading better. It’s true isn’t it? And there’s nothing to hide because I have been in your shoes when I started and I totally understand it.

While the market is random, you know that repeatable patterns exist in the market, don’t you? And because human behaviours – like fear and greed – exist, then you should also believe that price and price patterns represents the very same behaviours in the financial market. Sooner or later, you will also agree that understanding price patterns in the market place will be a great option to help you improve your trading.

With that, I would like to invite you to explore the idea of trading price action pullbacks at the start or as you continue your trading journey.

“Sometimes the best things are just right in front of you.”

Believe it or not, you see price pullbacks almost every time you open your price chart because it is inevitable that price is cycling and pulling back and forth all the time. However, many traders do not see it. That just goes to show that humans (including traders) can be so engrossed in their own thing that they often fail to see the obvious that is right in front of them.

While this book is primarily about pullbacks, this is also my way of breaking down information from what seems to be bulky blocks into little absorbable chunks and building them back into useful resources. By breaking the process down, you are able to spot the various clues in the market easily. The more clues you find, the more likely that you have a successful trade.

At the same time, never forget the bigger picture when trading. Since the big guns are the one with the deepest pocket, it makes sense to keep track of who those market leaders are. By keeping track, I don’t mean searching for the traders’ information. Instead, I am referring to understanding what and how price is reacting to certain challenges in the market. In fact, the more you understand price action, the easier you can spot the leader.

Trading price action pullbacks can be very profitable if done correctly. Hence, I hope to show you a variety of pullback patterns and hopefully you can use that as a starting point to fine tune your own trading. Learning to trade is a journey. However, once you built a solid foundation, the rest of the journey should be easier.

Also, it is profitable trading pullback if it is congruent with your trading beliefs. Hence, I hope to explain how, why and when trading pullbacks works. More importantly, you should also understand how, why and when they do not work.

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