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Virtual Racenight Professional is a unique product in the fundraising arena. No other product offers a complete race night system out of the box. The distinctive use of computer graphics to generate the race footage ensures that consistency is maintained with the ‘look and feel’ of every race. This makes it very difficult to determine the outcome of races, even after many viewings. Consequently, this means that the package can be reused many times over. This is not the case with ‘live’ footage which constantly needs to be replaced at considerable extra expense. Customers currently using this system include charities, social clubs, PTA’s, schools, scouting groups, retirement homes, sports clubs, British Legions, and many more fundraisers. Feedback reveals that many thousands of pounds have been raised for good causes using this inexpensive system.

The DVD – A fully menu driven DVD game that randomly selects from 40 possible race outcomes. All races are on the flat and over a distance of one mile. Each race features 8 numbered horses. All race footage has been generated by computer animation to add consistency. Races last approximately 2 minutes and 20 seconds each, and the winner is clearly indicated at the end. Numbered indicators display the 3 leading horses at every stage of the race, and a progress bar shows the distance left to run. A photo finish is displayed as standard. There is no limit to the number of races that can be played at a session. The DVD will continue randomly selecting races until you decide to stop racing.

The CD Rom – Contains additional printable materials to use during your race night. These include:- * Tote Calculator Spreadsheet * Tote Ledger * Race Card * Poster * Full Event Guide.
To use the CDRom, a PC (Windows only) capable of reading MS Word or Adobe Acrobat documents, and an attached printer are required. The Tote Calculator Speadsheet requires a program capable of running Excel spreadsheets, such as MS Excel or Open Office Calc.

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