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We all dream about winning the lottery so that all our financial concerns may be solved in one fell swoop. All the same for most of the population that’s where it remains – as a dream. Then along come the problem gamblers and they attempt to make that dream into a reality by actively pursing those long odds. Rather simply they’re chasing a dream that may never become a reality and that’s why you’ll perpetually find them trying gambling to get out of debt.  

Problem gamblers believe that prolonged problem gambling provides them a chance. A chance that they might get out of debt with that ever elusive ‘one big win’. This erroneous belief is one that a problem gambler has to drop from a great height if they’re to have any chance of success.  

Even if a problem gambler gets that ‘big win’ – prolonged problem gambling would mean, it will only be a matter of time before they’re back in debt. Your new belief in this area ought to be that no matter if I won the huge one, prolonged problem gambling will put me back into debt.  

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