White Knight, Black Nights… Poker is Skill, Life is a Gamble


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This book is dedicated to all of the tens of thousands of middle-aged women who wake up one day to find themselves single and deserted after many years of what they thought was a happy marriage. Some make it, some don’t.
To wake up one day and find yourself alone for the first time in your adult life is the most frightening feeling there is. It results in a thought that never occurred to you – that you’re responsible for your own destiny.

Two-time World Series of Poker Champ and writer Susie Isaacs first novel rings of autobiography – at least in part. Isaacs presents a dramatic tale of discovery – of a woman’s discovery of her own identity as a writer and poker player. She does so by walking the reader into the well-described conventional world of an unquestioning and happily married woman, and then following that woman through dramatic and painful twists and turns until the woman is transformed, with some difficulty and angst, into a more aware and more confident, single and independent person. Isaacs doesn’t end there. She also throws in some mass murder, general mayhem, and sexual addiction for good measure. Writer, poker player, woman, and a Las Vegas setting seem to spell out the author’s fictionalized self.

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