Winners – Join The Daily Winning Club

You have been personally invited either by myself or one of my contacts in the betting industry to this page.

My name is Robbie Jennings and what I want to do today is give you a 100 day trial of my betting service.

I have been running my system for a while now and this is the 12th month I have been recording results.

I started using this system in late 2013 and I actually amazed myself that it made 2 months profit back to back. So in January I started my first year of tracking every single bet.

In 2014 so far I have placed 462 bets throughout the year, betting a standard 1pt on my selections to win only. At the end of November I was up a total of £4,127.48 to level £20 bets.

With a few weeks of betting left this year and December I have already added a further £141.30, and from the new year I’ll be upping my stake from £20 to £50 per bet.

As you can see, I have managed to profit every month bar one (April) this year. OK, January and September were only just a profit but that’s a total £4,127.48 profit in 11 months this year.

I am offering you a trial because I want to make my service public at the beginning of next year and rather than just relying on my word to back it up and sell it I would like some real reviews of my service.

All I ask is that at the end of the 100 days, you email me a short review of the service covering the 100 days you have been a member. Either that or I will set up an area where you can submit a quick review that will go live on my website. Don’t worry, it can be left anonymously if you’d prefer.

As you can guess there will be hundreds if not thousands of punters wanting to take up this opportunity but you have been invited to get the…