Winning Horses Only

I was there to do Johnny’s end of year taxes and even though I knew he’d just had his best year yet, I was unprepared for what was on the other side of that door.

I walked through the door to the garage and low and behold parked in the middle was a shiny brand new £142,000 Porsche 911 Turbo S.

It’s not everyday you see something so beautiful in front of you, but then again its not everyday that you walk into the house of somebody who is worth over ONE HUNDRED MILLION POUNDS.

Johnny has been extremely successful. He has built 3 different businesses in three separate industries and sold them all for tens of millions of pounds. Now years later he was worth over £100,000,000!

I had been sent by my employers to one of our biggest clients because we had, as my bosses put it “things in common”

Apart from the fact we were both 29, we didn’t have much else in common. He was a multi millionaire playboy and I was his accountant. How far apart could you get?

As I stood in his garage drooling over his brand new super car, I noticed the reflection of a horse standing in Johnnys stable.

“Ahh you’re not gonna be happy with me Curtis, they were gonna send her to the glue factory and I couldn’t have it… I mean look at her!”

Johnny had been betting on the races recently and just like everything else he touched it turned to gold.

Privately, this was the one thing that annoyed me about Johnny. I didn’t mind that he could drop almost £150,000 on a brand new super car or that he had his own private box at the Manchester United games or even that he had the pick of any of the gorgeous models he wanted.

But why when you are worth over £100million do you start betting? And even more annoyingly, WINNING!

You see, I had been placing bets on the horses for about 18…