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I can help you become one of the best tournament poker players in the game.

Wouldn’t it be better if your love of tournament poker paid for itself? And made you a handsome profit on the way to your next level. I see so many players who know what to do in different hands against many opponents, but don’t know how to survive and get all the way to the final table.

I have played close to 2,000 multi-table poker tournaments and have finished at the final table 40% of those times. My “in the money” percentage is over thirty percent.

It will be the best you ever spent regarding poker. By purchasing the book, you will also get (FREE WITH ABSOLUTELY NO STRINGS ATTACHED) my Excel Record Keeping software upon request. I sell this program normally for value.

The program Includes graphs, totals and percentages and you will always know your final table and “in the money” percentages. Your goal in tournaments is not to win a big hand now and then, but survive your way to the final table.

Most of them leave out some very important information such as “the personality of the table, timing, position (most of the time), your chip stack, those chip stacks in the hand and so much more.”

If you put these strategies in your game, you will have the potential of becoming a very skilled tournament poker player.

Well over 90% of all tournament poker players lose money. So why not learn some lessons that take you to the next level. How many hobbies actually make you money?

Tournament poker is an enjoyable game. But, it is so much more fun making a profit while enjoying the game.

When Dean Brown told me he was writing a book about tournament poker and asked if I would read it; the answer was easy for me. See, I have learned throughout the last 5 years of playing an average of 7 live tournaments a week, that only one thing that matters in multi table live poker tournaments and that is results. When I started playing exclusively tournament poker in Oklahoma it did not take long to figure out who ran deep in the majority of tournaments they play and who was making money doing it. There are a lot of good poker players in Oklahoma, but there are a select few that have a chance to win every tournament they enter, no matter the size of the field, the amount of the buy in, and the level of competition. I can honestly say that Dean Brown is in the one percent of the one percent; as his results and his runs through deep fields so consistently is second to none. My friend Daniel and I nicknamed Dean “Deep Run” because it was so clear to anyone paying attention, that in the end, Dean is always there. Waiting, reading, and collecting information to allow him to make best moves and pick the best spots. Dean Brown is doing as all a favor sharing his thoughts, his strategies, his experiences with us; as no one has the amount of information to take from that Dean possesses. I have read every word of Deans book and I agree 100% with the information he was kind enough to pass on to us.

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