XXXmas Party Pleasures: A Christmas Erotica Short About Strip Poker Gone Too Far (Filthy Dirty Normal)


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XXXMas Party Pleasures is a story from Autumn Cole’s Filthy Dirty Normal series.

When the office Christmas party ends and a handful of people decide to stay behind to play strip poker, prudent and reserved Jessie decides she’d better stick around to keep an eye on her friend Taylor, who’s been known to make a fool of herself.

Jessie is confident she can keep her clothes on and her wits about her, but when the stakes go up — when she realizes there’s more for a player to “lose” even after they end up naked — she’s faced with a decision: she can leave Taylor to fend for herself, or she can stick around for some eye-opening sexual firsts… that aren’t even limited to the guys.

“XXXmas Party Pleasures” is a double holiday episode of Autumn Cole’s groundbreaking erotic series “Filthy Dirty Normal” — a group of explicit shorts that tell the stories of the adventurous residents of Normal, Indiana. Each episode in the series stands entirely on its own and does not require knowledge of the others, but the stories interlace to form a kind of hot and horny tapestry of guilty pleasures — the kind of tapestry you take down from the wall when uptight relatives come to visit.

T’is always the season for a hot and enticing ride!

She reached down and ran a finger between her legs, up the [CENSORED] visible from her front. It came away wet and glistening. She walked over to Ken’s chair, then turned around and again ran a finger between her parted legs. 

“Wait,” said Jessie. “You’re not going to…” 

“Didn’t you ever play strip poker in college?” said Nick. “I already got the [CENSORED] from her. The only way he’s getting one is from you.” 

The statement, which Nick made in a totally FYI fashion, felt like a punch to the gut. All she had to do to commit herself to sucking some [CENSORED] would be to lose two hands of poker. She wouldn’t have to do it, of course … but she’d come this far, hadn’t she?

And then, while Jessie was digesting this new bit of information, Taylor bent forward in front of Ken, her [CENSORED] in his face, her perfect [CENSORED] dangling. She reached around behind herself and grabbed Ken’s [CENSORED], lowered herself until she was touching it, and then rubbed its tip back and forth over her [CENSORED]. After the head was sufficiently lubricated, she parted her legs further and slid down onto it. Jessie watched as Ken’s [CENSORED] vanished between Taylor’s open lips, her own [CENSORED] feeling very full and wet.

Read the Filthy Dirty Normal short, XXXMas Party Pleasures to experience this story uncensored.

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